Sunday, November 22, 2009

bubonic marketing

I love that it's named Black Friday. For the retailers, it's all about being In the Black, as opposed to where they're swimming right now, which is In the Red. For those of us who loathe shopping, it's a plague warning shot and we're quarantining ourselves/hunkering down...only venturing out into Target-Shopper-Free zones, if at all..


StevensVox said...

It is already bad. I went to Target on Sunday at 8 pm, and it was like Christmas Eve.
After the second person cut in line in front of me, I BELLOWED, 'Hi, I am actually another person in the universe, and the line ends 4 people behind me.'
They moved to the back of the line and snapped at me, 'Well, how was I suppose to know?'
Uh, the line, maybe? It is crazy, I am with you and staying in. I need my sanity more than I need that extra discount.

salsez said...

Don't go to the malls. Shop local.