Saturday, August 29, 2009

i confess

I went to see Julie & Julia and like dozens of clichés under which I am loathe to fall, I am yet another blogger who loved it.

  • Not just because I happen to love writing and cooking.
  • Not just because I believe fresh bread is divine but may have been created for the sole purpose of conducting sacred butter into our pastry holes.
  • Not just because Meryl Streep is fucking amazing and enchanting as Julia Child.
  • Not just because there were two love stories I could relate to and empathize with.
  • But all these things and a Saturday afternoon matinee with my own St. Barbara.
I'm a little embarrassed to say I'm making hamburgers for dinner. Half ground beef and half ground turkey at that. Oh, I'll saute onions, add beautiful ripe tomato slices and place them on a bed of fresh romaine but we're still talking hamburgers here.

I also have another confession. Some of you are aware of this and seem to have forgiven me but...I'm seeing another blog. Yes. It's true but I love you best and this is only a fling. A three-month infidelity that makes me love you more. I understand if you are irritated. Maybe you won't want to have anything to do with the other blog.

But just in case you's all about DIY. Fixing up the place. No. I mean that's what it's called. I talk about tools and fixing my house. See, you aren't even interested! It's a very narrow scope and is no threat to anyone or anything right here. There are some good diagrams, however, I must admit to that.

PS. About that movie. You know, if you filled a life-sized glass cow to the brim with butter and cream and floated it in a olympic pool of wine that's probably close to what Julia Child consumed in her life. And she lived to 91! Fuck all the hater dieters. Julia sneers at your Lean Cuisine.


salsez said...

I left that movie wanting to eat, drink,and smoke.
Got to a dinner party. Have butter on butter.
Hmmm,all still sounds good.

Duggers pregnant again!

id said...

Even Julia Child could kick some "intelligent" design butt:

Epiphenita said...

OMG, she uses a butcher knife as a pointer! And then she makes primoridial soup. What's not to love?