Friday, May 29, 2009

epiphenita turns 5

Five years ago today I sat in an internet cafe in Spain trying to peck out my first post on a Spanish keyboard. I was sure I was "doing it wrong." I was far from home, excited and a bit homesick. Not to mention struggling to decipher the melodious cacophony around me. Or rely on words and humor to make myself understood and accepted.

I loved my experience in Spain. It was all about communication. And the perfect marriage for the birth of a blog (though married to what I'm not really clear. Hell, I call dibs on immaculate blog conception). I love writing here. It is one of the no-brainer wins for technology in my life.

I've been absent these 4 weeks. Well, these 2 months. I am constantly jotting down notes on paper or in text files on my hard drive. I take photos to share. I've got a b(ack)log of shit to share.

However, and speaking of backlogs, I am off to a routine colonoscopy* exam so I can't spend much time here. No really. Gotta go.

*If the mention of a colonoscopy brings a chorus of "TMI" you really shouldn't read this blog anymore. I plan on breaking down whatever flimsy politeness barriers I've been working behind. Buck up. There will be shit jokes.


Menchuvian Candidate said...

Butt, will there be pictures?

Happy (Blog) Birthday! I'll bake a cake.

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Epiphenita said...

Pictures of WHAT?

StevensVox said...

Never TMI, but then TMI is my zip code. Give us all the details, i get my first colonoscopy this year, and about the 4th person I know to get one.
(By the way my 'word verification' to log on here was 'fixteca'! I love that word. I think the definition should be~ a latina who loves DIY!)

Anonymous said...
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