Saturday, June 09, 2007

if i spend too much time trying to figure out this post's title i'll never get it written

Not enough people are talking about impeaching Bush. What more does he have to do before we slap our collective forehead and say WTF? I say impeach the bastard. Then, try him for war crimes. Any other world leader with his arrogant, murderous audacity would be dragged in front of an international council and unanimously condemned.

I've been learning a little bit more about a blogging legend who passed away last week. Steven Gilliard was the founder of, died at 42 and left a big hole in the progressive blogging community. As I researched the life of this intelligent, informed man, I was amazed at the persistence of so many dedicated political bloggers out there. Ferreting out all the empty or inaccurate news and dragging it into the open. Don't they get overwhelmed by the insanity and deception? Maybe they do but I'm so glad they're out there digging around the morass of fear-fueled and lackluster media reporting.

So I'm on an RSS feeding frenzy lately. and have joined the well-loved Rude Pundit to fill in some of the big holes in our glassy-eyed media reports. If I have to see one more homepage story about American Idol or Paris Hilton I will leap off the edge of my cube sohelpmegod.


Anonymous said...

Chimp-in-chief would have to pretty much tear out the throat of a young white virgin with his teeth during a live news conference in order to get any criticism from the Neocons.

For some reason, they can go foam-at-the-mouth, wild-look-in-the-eyes-like-after-a-48hr-bender-of-coke-and-mescaline at the drop of a hat when, say, Harry Reid criticizes--correctly--General Pace for being incompetent.

You see, in their tiny minds, criticism of our leaders is far, far worse than allowing unprovoked and unchecked carnage on civilians, our volunteer servicemembers, or on ourselves.

Epiphenita said...

Amen, Brother/Sister Anonymous.