Saturday, January 20, 2007

waits there's dancing

Okay, I'm a Tom Waits devotee most of the time but lately I feel like a Waitsaholic on a bender. Here is the latest in my effusive praise for Orphans.

"Little Drop of Poison" (on the Bawlers CD) has this bit of brilliance:

I'm all alone
I smoked my friends
Down to the filter
Jesus that is good.

"Home I'll Never Be" and "On the Road" are two different songs with the same lyrics on the Bastards CD. Taken from
Jack Kerouac's writings, the refrain begins, "Cross the Mississippi..." The "On the Road" version* makes me want to do some CRAZY revival tent dancing. Honest to god, I can't remember the last time a song...or anything made me want to jump up and dance like that. Hands shaking in the air all tambourine-like. I just wish there were more verses so I could hear the chorus over and over without having to press replay so often.

(And no, I will not document my hallelujah dance for you.)

*This link opens up with Real One Player. If you want to listen with Windows Media, go here.

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