Wednesday, April 05, 2006

how many nuns would a nunchuck chuck

So I got this thing in the mail. It's a Nunchuck. You hold it in your hand like a water pistol and it catapults small plastic nuns across the room. I love it. I've hung it on my wall in a place of honor—next to G-Force Jesus. The thing is, I don't know who sent it. I suspect it's one of my small cadre of readers.

What humbles me, she says ironically, is that I realize that the pool of potential gift-givers of this ilk is a large percentage of my small, twisted group of friends. For that I am very grateful. Now, which one of you is culprit?
I love a mystery as much as the next heretic but it's time to 'fess up, people.

By the by, I also got a small eraser (freebie gift) of Holly Hostess with her
Parasite Pal®, Tickles the Tapeworm, embedded in her stomach. I'm saving that one for a special gift. (You can take Tickles out and use it separately, too!)

POSTSCRIPT: Aha! The winner is my oh-so-funny brother-in-law, Robert. What a great guy.


Dave said...

That's pretty cool, but is it as cool as a Corn Dog Air Freshner?

Say it with me "Mmmm...that smells corn dog fresh."


Epiphenita said...

I must admit that Corn Dog Air Freshener is all that and more. Thanks a lot, now you've ruined your Christmas surprise.

honeykbee said...

perhaps you have a larger readership than you suspect?

Epiphenita said...

perhaps you're right. here i am blah-blah-blahing along, thinking that only those who know (and forgive) me are paying attention. i'm flattered that you or anyone else stopped by and tarried. thank you.