Monday, June 27, 2005

a gigantic gaggle of girls

The Pride Parade was good. My most persistent observation? Where did all these women come from? Seriously, I've never seen so many queer women in one place. So many young women (I mean younger than my 23-year-old-daughter-young), older women, Hispanic women, African-American women, plain ol' white women, well-dressed women, trailer trash women, big women, skinny women (okay, so big was more the order of the day), etc., I swear they bused them in from the hinterlands.

Lori made us some (appropriate) mixed drinks for the event: Pink Panties. They were delicious. Then, Barbara and I went over to Cosmos to see our favorite bartender (read: son) and have a beer. Even though I had a pretty good time overall, too much of the evening seemed to boil down to drunken drama and I'm afraid it sort of reinforced my desire to stay home. I've got to get out there and find a group to converse with...a relatively sober group. A slightly drunk reading group perhaps.

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