Monday, August 25, 2008

coming out of the crafts closet

I don't know why I feel sheepish about this stuff. Perhaps because it's not, you know, fine art. Whatever. I'm working on it. As I've said before, knitting is to carpentry joints as sewing is to welding. I am enamored of all things beautifully made by hand.

Apple hat with leaf mitts (3-6 months)

This is a gift for a friend. He and his wife are expecting their first in November. Infant stuff is unavoidably, deafeningly cute. Cute is my least favorite adjective but I make an exception for all things baby. Goddammit, this is ADORABLE.

I learned to knit when I was 10 years old. Save for a scarf for each of my children, I've never really finished any knitting project. Knitting is all about soothing process for me. My friends shake their collective heads. It IS. Anyway, my Puerto Rican aunt taught my Japanese aunt who taught me. I'm relatively sure my technique is a little off.

There you have it. This has been my free time activity for a couple of weeks. Granted, I had to redo quite a bit because I purchased my needles and yarn in Spain years ago and I had no idea of gauge or weight. I got my original inspiration here, but cobbled together three or four recipes to make it the way I wanted it.

You know that old adage, "if you haven't used it in three years, throw it out"? That would never, ever work with me. I have ideas simmering over shit I picked up a decade ago. It's a treasure hunt to rummage through my materials and find just the thing I need...


StevensVox said...

I have been wanting you to show your dedicated readers your 'apple cap', but I did not want to 'out' you...
So glad you shared it with your public.
By the way readers, this looks absolutely incredible in person!

Anonymous said...

Have you read the Knitting Circle by Ann Hood?
I had been thinking about picking up the needles again for a while, then heard about your project, then read this book. Went out, got myself some bamboo needles, retaught myself how to cast on, and proceeded. Roberto asked what I was making with the beautiful gray wool yarn. I told him a potholder, though secretly planning to present him with a scarf at Christmas. It's 4 feet long now and I'm still telling him it's a potholder. Your completed project inspires!

Anonymous said..., it's a online knitting resource with everything from baby booties to a knitted uterus as well as a number of items that aren't child's play. all the patterns are submitted by crafty folk and tah fuckin' dah: they're free

epiphenita said...

Thank you, dear Steven, for being my can-I-get-a-witness crafts supporter.

Sistuh mine, I am so glad you were inspired. I still dream about "the sisters" getting together for crafts weekend. G and Barb can watch football.

Anonymous, whoever you are, I love Bless your shy little soul.